How did you end up here in the Green Chair?

I always loved working with people. Before recruitment, I worked with high level escalations in the customer service area. My boss heard of an in-house recruitment role and put me forward. I excelled in that position and knew that this was the job for me. I moved to Dublin and Eden Recruitment in November and never looked back.

What makes you passionate about your job?

I love being a positive part of people’s lives. Helping people find their perfect job fills me with happiness. There’s a quote from Canadian ice hockey star Maxime Lagace running through my head: “Happiness is more than doing fun things. It is about doing meaningful things.”

What do you like about the sector you work in?

I work in the multilingual division here in Eden. Dealing with so many different nationalities on a daily basis,  I get to learn new things every day about different cultures and countries. I communicate and build relationships with people from countries like Germany, Sweden, Finland and many more.

What are the ‘stand-out’ trends in the sector at the moment?

The market is really busy at present, especially given that large multinational companies are moving to Ireland and they all need multilingual support. Multilingual people are definitely sought after at the moment and demand for German language speakers in particular is always high.

What advice would you have for employers looking to attract and retain talent in this sector?

Candidates are attracted to companies that focus on well-being, positivity and equality. They stay in companies that are fair with salaries and keep a well-structured work-life harmony so that their employees are happy and genuinely want to come into work every day. Put like that, it sounds so obvious but is not always practised!

What’s your advice to people facing a job interview in the multilingual sector?

The old saying ‘people buy people’ is so true. The person interviewing you will likely be working alongside you, so they want to see your personality shine. Always stay true to yourself and leave everything you have in the room!

The strangest thing a candidate has asked you in an interview:

Will you go on a date with me? (I declined, of course!)

Let us in on one thing your clients might be surprised to learn about you!

I am a proud member of Team Ryano in Finglas where I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I spar with 99% men who can be up to 160kg!! I recommend it to everyone, especially women who are looking to learn more about self-defence.

Finally, tell us about the ‘passion shot’ on the screen behind you …

This photo was taken after a hard Jiu Jitsu training session on the Bank Holiday Monday. All ages are welcome – even my dog Gracie can be seen 😊