Furniture Store Manager(Tallaght)

  • €30000 - €35000
  • Full Time
  • Dublin south
  • Posted 3 months ago

A furniture store manager is in charge of taking care of everything that goes in and out of the furniture store. He is responsible for the inventory, as well as contacting the manufacturers for new or additional fixtures. He makes sure that everything is handled with care by the courier. He deals with returns and exchanges, as well as appeases the customers who are returning defective or broken goods. Furniture store managers are responsible for gaining profit for the store. They devise marketing strategies and plans in order to reach their monthly goals and quota. They also create promotional plans such as buy 1 take 1 offers, putting their furniture and fixtures on sale, or free delivery nationwide. These furniture store managers are also responsible for signing the paperwork for the employees’ payroll. They need to make sure that they keep track of attendance to eliminate delays. He interviews and hires potential furniture store sales associates. He also trains these sales associates on how to sell and deal with their customers.

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Peter Kelly

Peter Kelly

  • Retail Division Manager