Corporate Credit Control Analyst

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Title: Corporate Credit Control Analyst


  • Ensure that the all functions in the branch are carried out in accordance with core mission
  • Ensure that  policies, procedures, best practices and guidelines are appropriately followed in the branch
  • Guarantee the conformity of the legal documentation with the credit decision  Make sure these checks are made in a timely manner
  • Ensure the accuracy of risk data in all of the systems in use
  • Interact with the Business, Risk entities, Audit/Inspection, Regulators and other Functions
  • Foster strong communications with, and provide on-going support to Chief Operating Officers, Senior Credit Officers, Delegation holders & Business Lines, Finance and Credit Admin/Client Service Desk
  • Participate in the organization of the local Watch List and Doubtful debt committees, and control the appropriate booking of specific provisions in accordance with the committee decision and accounting standards
  • Participate as and when required in meetings, seminars, conferences and ongoing or future projects which have a direct or partial impact on the business
  • Participate in the process of knowledge-sharing and cross-training processes and systems
  • Where necessary, assist in identifying and contributing to the resolution of booking, system and other technical problems that could have an impact on the management of corporate credit and counterparty risk thereby ensuring the accuracy and completeness of information for all transactions
  • Contribute to the implementation of a common culture and approach, and promote individual initiative, autonomy and versatility.

Experience Required:

  • Experience in the banking/finance sector essential 
  • Good understanding of Financial products
  • Good understanding of risk concepts and methodologies is preferable
  • Knowledge of credit processes, trade workflows and booking systems is preferable
  • Being familiar with Local regulations
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Written and oral fluency in English and local language is necessary
  • Capacity to remain objective and independent in order to fulfill the control role required

For more information contact Patrick on 01 474 4511

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Tom Guilfoyle

Tom Guilfoyle

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