Administrator required in a for a 3-month period, with view to extend within a system funding department of  a research / academic organisation

Salary guide c28k 

Please see job description below:

  • Prior experience in administration in the areas of corporate governance, and financial management, some experience working in these areas.
  • Knowledge of the Higher Education System, in particular funding and governance areas, preferably experience working in this area.
  • Administrative capability to assist in the management of corporate and financial governance, including knowledge management and ability to seek and organise data from multiple sources, and ability to maintain and interpret financial data.
  • Report writing and data presentation skills, the ability and experience of interpreting vast amounts of data, extracting relevant information and presenting this in a clear and concise way.

Skills and abilities 

being able to collect information, effective management and interpretation of this information. Maintaining an efficient information storage system. Key attributes would include – knowing sources of information within the organisation and outside the organisation; assessing, evaluation and profiling of information; ability to format information to increase its usability.

 Concern for clarity and work quality

– having attention to detail so as to ensure that work is of a high standard.



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Denise Grant

Denise Grant