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How to attract top IT talent

Most Irish employers will remember the dizzying heights of the tiger era, when the recruitment of developers and other IT specialists was a nigh-on impossible task. It wasn’t that companies couldn’t find people with the right qualifications. It wasn’t that they couldn’t find people at the right price. It was simply that they couldn’t find any people. Ireland was awash with IT vacancies and not enough bodies to fill them. During this period of ‘extreme employment’, many companies decided that the best way to out-bid the competition for talent was to offer people all sorts of stuff that money couldn’t […]
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Give behavioural interviewing the STAR treatment

In any walk of life, it stands to reason that the most accurate predictor of future performance is past performance. In similar circumstances, what happened before is likely to happen again. This is the key insight behind the growing trend of ‘behavioural interviewing’, where the would-be employer focuses on job-related experiences, behaviours and skills to predict how a candidate will perform in a given role. Behavioural interviewing is a test of the candidate’s critical thinking ability. Employers decide in advance which precise skills are necessary for the job, then probe the candidate with specific questions to find out if they […]
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Are you in a career bunker?

Splitting from an employer isn’t something we do lightly. Sometimes it’s sparked by a particular event that clearly tells us we need to move on.  You’ve just been passed over for the promotion that was yours. You’re at constant loggerheads with your boss. The company is laying off staff and looks like it won’t survive. In most cases, however, the decision to whether to stay or go isn’t triggered by anything so tangible. It’s more that the inner sense of self-worth and fulfilment that we should be extracting from the job isn’t happening. Too often we park these feelings and […]
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Job interview strengths and weaknesses

THERE’S a little-known story about the making of the original ‘Blair Witch Project’ that should strike a chord with anyone preparing for a job interview. According to Heather Donahue, one of the stars of the cult found-footage movie, when auditions were being held in New York the co-directors blindsided her with a question she was not expecting. “You’ve served seven years of a nine-year sentence,” they reportedly told her. “Why should we let you out on parole?” Donahue’s improvised response has never been made public, but since she landed the job we can only assume she came up with something […]
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