In the Green Chair: Fiona Devine
Fiona Devine is Senior IT Recruitment Consultant at Eden Recruitment.   So how did you end up here in the Green Chair? I’m a proud Derry girl, and with my father being a shopkeeper in the city, I grew up meeting and dealing with people on a daily basis. It was only... READ WHOLE ARTICLE
How to attract the best IT talent
These are heady times in Ireland’s jobs sector but companies recruiting for IT talent must ensure they are not missing a trick, writes Fiona Devine. It has taken 10 long years, but Ireland has come full circle. Last year, our economy grew by a staggering 7.3% – three... READ WHOLE ARTICLE
Employers: why should anyone work for you??
The provocative headline is adapted from the title of the book (and lecture in Dublin last year) “Why should anyone work here?” by Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones of London Business School. The book draws on their research of many well-known firms in the quest for the... READ WHOLE ARTICLE
Smoothies to power you through winter blues
January is the hardest month of the year. We are supposed to return to work refreshed and re-energised after the holidays – but who among us has ever had a relaxing Christmas? Energy levels are low, finances often in a perilous state, and let’s not even mention the... READ WHOLE ARTICLE
Employers: what are candidates saying about you?
I’ve heard it said that Ireland is among the most ‘networked’ countries in the world. People tend to know lots of people, and keep in touch with them. As someone who deals with multi-lingual job candidates here every day, I can apply the same thought to them. They... READ WHOLE ARTICLE
Dublin’s diversity shows employers the way
If you ever require a dose of positivity, jump off the Luas at Grand Canal Dock – ideally on a fine summer’s evening – and take a stroll through Dublin’s ‘Silicon Docks’. Here, against a backdrop of pop-up cafés and continental-cool eateries, you’ll discover the... READ WHOLE ARTICLE