The office party: last minute checklist
Most of us look forward to Christmas, but not all are so keen on the Christmas party. Not if you’re charged with organising it, anyway. And where there are lots of tips out there for staff on how to enjoy the night – advice on how not to drink too much, on what to... READ WHOLE ARTICLE
Jobs to suit your study timetable
You’ve found your feet in this new world of college.  The juggling of lectures with a social life with suddenly having to look after yourself was overwhelming at first, but a routine is setting in. That routine involves spending money – lots of it – so... READ WHOLE ARTICLE
Writing your CV in colour … with pictures
For most people, writing a CV isn’t a lot of fun. It’s something we tend to put off, maybe because we don’t really like ‘pitching’ ourselves in the way it requires, or having to face where we are at career-wise and put that to paper. By the time we get through... READ WHOLE ARTICLE
Eden in Irish Times graduate feature
Eden Recruitment Chief Executive Ken Lee was one of three experts recently interviewed by Peter McGuire of The Irish Times for a feature on “The 25 things employers and graduates want from each other”. With a bit of luck, today’s graduates will make quite... READ WHOLE ARTICLE
Age: diversity’s “forgotten cousin”
Just what do we means by diversity in the workplace? Well, google the term, and you’ll see what it means to most people. Gender, religion, culture, ethnicity … these are the terms that dominate in diversity-speak.  Keep searching and you may stumble upon ‘age’. Fact... READ WHOLE ARTICLE