Great opportunities for fund accountants 

The Irish Funds Industry is  set to grow by 15% up to €4.7 trillion by 2020.  Ireland has fast become a leading hub for back office functions for hedge funds and funds that track equity and bond market indices.  The Irish funds industry employs about 14,000 people provides services to 40% of hedge funds globally and more than half of all European exchange traded funds. 

The current buoyancy in the market is spawning opportunities in fund accounting, typically for Fund Accounting Managers, Fund Accounting Supervisors and a variety of fund administration roles. [Some of our current vacancies are listed below. ]

The financial rewards in fund accounting are significant: for example entry level salaries can commence at €28,000 – €30,000 for a recent graduate and can speedily increase incrementally with years of experience. Fund Accounting Supervisors to Fund Accounting Managers can earn €50,000 to €70,000 and Senior Managers anywhere in excessive of €80,000 – €100,000.

With the industry continuing to grow, there are ample opportunities for promotion and advancement to rise to these senior rankings to attain greater financial rewards.   Most of the fund administration companies provide excellent benefits packages in order to retain expertise within their organisation.  There is great opportunity for personal growth whether this involves developing greater interpersonal skills by getting involved in client /team liaison or people management or developing career skills in the area of technology, project management or attaining further qualifications.

And then there is the social aspect and sense of community that exists within this sector.  A lot of individuals have dedicated their careers to this area and have reported that the profession has supported them well in their standard of living and also personally.  These individuals feel proud to be responsible for building such an important industry to the Irish economy and in turn will impact future generations to come.

We work with many of the leading funds companies in Dublin and are always actively seeking individuals with experience in this industry.  If you are working in the sector, we would be happy to have an informal chat to discuss the market and opportunities on offer. 

Barbara Donnellan, Banking & Finance Manager Eden Recruitment.

Barbara has recruited for fund accountants at all levels for the past 20 years and has experienced the industry grow and change to what it has become today.  She is well placed to support and guide you with your next career move within the Funds industry.